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Tourism and Hotel management

Educational Soft Skills

YEAR: 2013 – 2015



PARTNERS: Andragoški zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje, Akademia Humanistyczno-ekonomiczna w Łodzi, National Training Centre, ASDAN, Kumburgaz Otelcilik Ve Turizm Meslek Lisesi, Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work.

MOTIVATION: The absence of a practical European Standard qualifications for sector hotel and tourism that is cost and time efficient and available for wide range of potential users.

PURPOSE: The THESS project builds on the INGOT project that finished in 2012 and provided European Standard for accredited qualifications supporting learning about Open Systems and transition to web based technologies. So far few qualifications providers have been putting EQF levels on nationally accredited qualifications. THESS project aims to transfer INGOT innovation to the sector hotel and tourism and to new EU members to widen the understanding of EQF/ECVET and to demonstrate how formal and informal learning can be accredited at low cost and in a scalable way that can reach all parts of the EU. The impact of the project will be to directly support EU citizens in socially disadvantaged groups and younger ages, to gain vocationally related qualifications facilitating their personal development. This is supported by improvements in quality through innovation in VET delivery systems and practice. The project will support the establishment of P-scale certification as a transnational provision, on the same footing as mainstream EQF qualifications.


  •  To prepare Market Research Report including any partner national frameworks or certification related to the sector hotel and tourism.

  •  To provide comprehensive support in English, Slovene, Dutch, Bulgarian, Polish and Turkish through web site development and handbooks.

  •  To assure on-line management systems for recording assessment, issuing and authenticating certificates in the partner languages

  •  To establish 6 national THESS moderation centers in partner countries

  •  To prepare a training manual supporting assessors available in partner languages

  •  To train 20 teachers as assessor trainers

  •  To prepare new qualifications handbook available in 6 languages.

  •  To issue 200 certificates by the end of year 2

  •  To carry out dissemination via national and international conferences.

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