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                               PROJECT SUBCATEGORIES

​The projects of PRO WORK can be divided into three different subcategories:

The various projects in these categories can be filtered pressing the three buttons at the end of the pages.

                              PROJECT ACTIVITIES

The projects that PRO WORK participates in vary from national to international level and differ in large number of participating parties, types of partners, structure, collaboration, subject and purpose. Ultimately, all projects focus on the so-called 'Corporate Social Responsibility', because they have in common, that they improve the quality of liveability in many areas. From f.e. reducing the distance to the labour market, to improving sustainability and reducing the generation gap.

The main activities of PRO WORK in projects have the following components:


  •    Project development

From brainstorming about an idea to the actual writing and realization of a project;

  •    Project assistance 

Assist in managing projects;

  •    Developing project instruments

Designing, developing and give meaning to portals, tools and other forms of assessment;

  •    Project monitoring and evaluation

Designing, developing and performing internal and external project monitoring and evaluation and advise for adjustments for quality insurance purposes;

  •    Project valorization 

Taking care of communication, dissemination, implementation and securing of project results.

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