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Sustainable Enterprises with QUalified Entrepreneurs

YEAR: 2014 - 2016


PARTNERS: NEVSEHIR TICARET VE SANAYI ODASI (TR), Kapadokya Gelisim Dernegi (TR), Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University (TR), EISC Ltd (UK), Fundación Universitat Jaume I – Empresa (ES), KYAMK (FI), Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work (NL).

MOTIVATION: SEQUEL is an acronym for “Sustainable Enterprises with Qualified Entrepreneurs”. Europe has been dealing with the effects of the most serious economic crisis since 2008. As a result of this crisis, there are over 25 million unemployed for the first time in Europe. EU foreseen that entrepreneurship is an important way out of the economic crisis according to its 2020 Strategy. Europe has also another challenge, which is a change in priorities of Europeans.

For 45 % of Europeans self-employment was their first choice in 2010, now this percentage is down to 37 %. The “Quality life index” indicated that the top 20 countries are also the most entrepreneurial countries as well. This fact proves that entrepreneurship has a key role to overcome this economic crisis.

PURPOSE: Effective implementation of a developed module at the end of this project will give an opportunity to facilitate international exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs and gain networking skills to do business with cross border peers. Beside these abilities, with the SEQUEL project entrepreneurs will strengthen their skills on better use of IT and that helps new businesses to be more successful and competitive. In current economic crises, youth entrepreneurs represent a fundamental element in creating significant recovery in Europe. This is why our main target is a youth entrepreneur in this project. The SEQUEL project will make entrepreneurship more sustainable, young entrepreneurs more qualified and innovative by developing more practical IT based entrepreneurship module.


 Dynamic web site with 5 different languages and containing all the outputs of our Project. It will be open access to the public;

  •  6 e-newsletters including the activities and outputs of each workshop.

  •  1 e-handbook gathered the 6 e-newsletters;

  •  IT based innovative and practical entrepreneurship module. Entrepreneurs will have skills to establish international partnership through this module;

  •  An inventory including the results of survey on 250 successful and 250 shutdown businesses;

  •  A report to ensure more effective entrepreneurship supports and outcomes and good practices;

  •  Advanced IT competence in a certain number of students studying tourism and business administration departments;

  •  An IT-based questionnaire to determine the entrepreneurship potential;

  •  Working cycle on decision making mechanism of working life between youth groups and NGOs ;

  •  Set of presentations about entrepreneurship implementations and entrepreneurship initiatives;

  •  Improve competence on creating cross board network ability by implementation of scenario in certain number of students;

  •  A pilot scenario consists of required entrepreneurship skills;

  •  After each workshop the host partner will give the participation a certificate to each participant;

  •  An estimated entrepreneurship profile for next 10 years;

  •  18 pieces of banners, 300 invitations for the symposium, 100 posters and 2 billboard advertisements for 2 months that will be paid by Nevşehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All of the visual tools will be at least 2 languages.

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