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Special Education Needs and Disability Inclusion

YEAR: 2013 – 2015


PARTNERS: Agifodent, ASDAN, National Training Centre, Euroface Consulting S.R.O, the Learning Machine, Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work.

MOTIVATION: The need for an international standard for certificating vocational learning of those with SEN, especially disabled learners.


  1. Provide a focus on transparency of competences under pinning grades that are easy to read and compare

  2. Support credit accumulation and transfer for pre-vocational and vocational learning

  3. Scope the extent to which an SEN certification framework can be matched to underpin the EQF

  4. Support personal development through increased take up to certification, lowering barriers to entry to mainstream EQF referenced qualifications for at risk groups

  5. Enable a more competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy through furthering inclusion

  6. Enable the set up of new service led businesses that can support the ongoing development of certification of learners with SEN


  •  Transfer innovative methods and technologies for low cost certification that provides progression routes to EQF;

  •  Transfer greater understanding of the design and methods for assessing competence based qualifications structured in units of learning outcomes;

  •  Test and evaluate the attractiveness of outcome based qualifications for learners with SEN concerning the following vocational subjects: Clean room processing, Order picking, Facility services, Catering, Working safe / Safety on the work floor, Packaging, Green jobs, Cutting & Construction;

  •  Support progression to the EQF with a VET e-learning programme for SEN based on ECVET principles;

  •  Lower barriers to formal qualifications for SEN, especially those with disabilities.

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