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YEAR: 2015 – 2018
PARTNERS: Andragoski Zavod Univerza Velenje (SL), Natsionalen Ucheben Tsentar (BG), UNIPA E-Learning (IT), Arteveldehogeschool (BE), Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Lodzi  (PL), Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work (NL).

MOTIVATION: Adult learners basic skills differ greatly and effective strategies are needed to bridge the gaps in learning, communicating, social life etc. This requires skilled and well-equipped adult educators, innovative methods adapted to the needs of adult learners and materials that support their progress. This project focuses on all three priorities introducing innovative technique and addressing the needs of both target groups – adult educators and learners.
PURPOSE: The proposed project addresses the priority adult educators' competences by introducing The Flipped Classroom in the field of adult education. The projects’ overall goal is to determine adult learners needs and requirements and to adapt and use the flipped classroom technique to meet those needs. By developing a methodology and materials for adult educators it aims to improve the quality of their work and to provide them with tools and approaches that they can use for planning their lessons and delivering the content. The educators will use the method by themselves first, learning about the iFLIP and participating in the course. Using the gained knowledge they will develop the concept and the teaching materials, which will be adapted to meet the needs of the adult learners.

  •  The project will deliver a new mind-set of educators in adult education, which will introduce new innovative educational methodologies.

  •  The iFLIP package will consist of several intellectual outputs (conceptual framework, analyses report, learning tools, iFLIP concept – pilot – implementation – evaluation, learning guide and quality management), that will be available at various adult education institutions in partner countries.

  •  A website will be developed to make all outputs available to a broader public. It will contain information about the project, project partners, goals, activities and results. It will be available in partner languages.

  •  Facebook page will be developed as well to promote the project idea and the outcomes. It will present the possibility for all involved educators to exchange ideas, experiences and feedback on pilots (trials).

  •  A dissemination plan and materials (flyer) will be developed to disseminate project at conferences and seminars partners will attend during the project lifetime. The dissemination will be supported by developing e-newsletters in partner languages. All other expected results are listed in intellectual outputs, multiplier events and learning, training, teaching activities section.

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