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YEAR: 2011 – 2013


PARTNERS: Syntra West, ETRA, INNOVAM, Vilniaus Jeruzales labour market training centre, PETROC, TEC, Colegiul Tehnic Henri Coanda Timisaora, EKOLO, Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK.

MOTIVATION: Promote E-bikes across Europe by dealers, engineers, importers and repairers in order to sell the bikes as a sustainable means of transport and there is so far too little use of it in Europe.

PURPOSE: To develop, adapt and refine new and successful approaches to promote the bikes and E-bikes in particular. And through good education in Europe and transnational train-to-trainer activities, study visits and staff meetings in the partner countries, increase the knowledge and expertise for electric bikes by dealers, repairers and training. And finally, in the partner countries where cycling training was developed also share the experience with conventional bicycles.



  •  Realize European legislation associated with the use and sale of the E-bikes;

  •  Conducting a comparative study and inventory of cycle training and the use of (e-) cycling in the partner countries;

  •  Expansion of existing competency profiles with specific powers in relation to the repair and sale of electric bicycles;

  •  Based on research, legislation and competency set, refine / modify / expand existing materials in the partner countries;

  •  Transfer of training for maintenance of bikes in partner countries, who are less experienced in this matter;

  •  Transfer and sharing the knowledge gained in this partnership project to all partner organizations by train-to-trainer activities and study visits.

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