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INnovative video Presentations for LeArning Creative Entrepreneurship

YEAR: 2017 - 2018
PARTNERS:  Euroface Consulting s.r.o. (CZ), PrimMat - Soukroma stredni skola podnikatelska, s.r.o. (CZ), European Digital Learning Network (IT), SOCIEDADE PORTUGUESA DE INOVACAO - CONSULTADORIA EMPRESARIAL E FOMENTO DA INOVACAO S.A. (PT), Natsionalen ucheben tsentar (BG), AGIFODENT - Asociacion Granadina para la informacion, formacion y desarrollo de las nuevas tecnologias (ES), Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK (NL).

The specific objective of the project is to establish sustainable and mutually beneficial relations between vocational schools (Vocational Education and Training (VET)) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in the participating countries and transnationally, focused on work-based learning opportunities for students. The subject of cooperation comes out of IT, digital competences and entrepreneurial qualifications. Students will apply their knowledge and skills gained at school in creation of video podcasts for presentation and promotion of SMEs with prior agreement to assist the project. There is a significant role for teachers in the whole process because they will ensure the pedagogical approach and benefit for the learners. During the creation of video podcasts and their application into marketing, students will need to communicate with employers, provide a research and analyse the information needed, plan the work process and evaluate the results. Through these, they will develop their key competences and prepare themselves for employment.


The project will facilitate the teachers getting access to a unique assessment method called INGOT, a method for the assessment of the students’ progress through comparison with ECVET compliant qualifications structured into learners’ outcomes. Using INGOT in the project will enable the tangible certification of students and award them with credits towards qualifications in IT and entrepreneurship. At the same time ECVET will be promoted by using nationally accredited qualifications referenced to the EQF (European Qualification Framework).


The project is focused on supporting the cooperation between VET and the labour market with the aim to enable the students to get practical labour experience and to get the businesses benefit from the innovative thinking and entrepreneurial zeal of students. Both to increase their effective use of IT and marketing.

PURPOSE: The main aim of this project is to contribute to high quality work-based VET learning for young people and afterwards to increase their competitiveness at labour market. The project establishes a background for good practice exchange at European level and to create conditions for teachers’ discussions and verification of methods for the assessment of the learner’s progress during the work-placements.



The direct results and impact on the individual students and teachers in their own learning and personal development is as following;

  • Impact on businesses benefiting from new marketing tools and apprenticeship models

  • Impact on VET education by bringing an example of the apprentice framework into the practice in all involved countries. The effective and required way of cooperation between the VET schools and enterprises will be practically implemented.

  • The impact on partners in improving their skills and knowledge so that they transfer this in their ever-broadening European networks.

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