YEAR: 2009 – 2011


PARTNERS: Workability Europe, Interconnect, SALO AG, De Drie Ankers, Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK.

MOTIVATION: On 1 September 2008 the application for the development of coaches in Surinam started. 14 civil society organizations and the foundation 'Three Anchors' work together, because it appeared, that there was a great need for well-trained coaches in Surinam for reintegration activities for people in Surinam with a distance to the labor market. This was mainly important to reduce the number of unemployment.

OBJECTIVE: Structural sustainable development and institutional strengthening of the Surinamese reintegration activities for people with a distance to the labor market using and strengthening the existing social infrastructure and knowledge institutes.


  •  Training, coaching and consulting 15-30 professionals working with and for people with a large distance to the labor markets (young people without training, people with disabilities, drug addicts, etc.), from above mentioned Surinamese institutions/semi-government;

  •  Knowledge development and institutional strengthening of at least 10-15 social, civil society organizations in Surinam to strength the reintegration activities and cooperation;

  •  Establish an expert network between job coaches (people who participate in the project), peer consultants (job coaches with an additional task) and external experts (psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, etc.);

  •  Work integration for 30 people, through the realization of labor to capital for people with disabilities in the open labor market;

  •  Promote cooperation between Surinamese institutions, between institutions and government, between institutions and employers and institutions and the Netherlands;

  •  Create a database with profiles of potential employers and participants for the matching of the target group in the labor market;

  •  Knowledge Portal for strengthening and sharing, discussions (forum) of experiences, events, methods and instruments;

  •  Membership, acceptance of Surinamese service providers in a worldwide network from Workability and as a special membership Workability Europe;

  •  Awareness campaign focused on the Surinamese employers to raise awareness and involve the issue of labor market integration of people with disabilities.

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