YEAR: 2007 – 2009


PARTNERS: ROC Westerschelde, ROC Zeeland, EPZ, Delta, Technocentrum Zeeland (Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK), ROC A12, ROC Rijn IJssel, ROC de Graafschap, NUON, Electrabel, Technocentrum Ede.

MOTIVATION: Prevention for quantitative and qualitative problems in staffing in the energy sector, that will occur in the future and prevent quantitative and qualitative problems in technical education.

PURPOSE: Development, elaboration and implementation of a renewed training model for technical education in the energy sector.



  •  Enter competency-based technical education in the energy sector;

  •  Increase the number of participants in the technical training in the energy sector;

  •  Develop new services for the energy sector, both nationally as regionally;

  •  Visible improvement concerning the companies in the program;

  •  Plan for competency-based education funding in the future.

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