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ART - ART and culture Recorded for e-Ternity 


YEAR: 2021 - 2023



Sinergia Società Cooperativa Sociale,Italy:  ArteveldeHogeschool, Belgium: Euroface Consulting s.r.o. Czech Republic, Siglo22, Spain


The ART project makes part of the international museum world and other cultural/religious institutions accessible to a European-wide target group for students aged 8 to 16 years. The current situation with Covid has an effect on the mobility of everyone, but also of students and teachers. But students also do not always have the opportunity (time), interest (mind-set) and resources (money) to physically visit multiple locations in a short time. With the ART VR method, the (museum) “world” opens up to them. The ART project links Virtual Reality (VR) methodology to global citizenship and art education. VR makes it possible to simulate a 3D world that completely surrounds us. In this way it seems as if we are 'really' in a different place, while we do not have to leave the door for that. Through various recordings of museums, (temporary) exhibitions, historical and/or cultural buildings (of a religious nature), the students not only get a beautiful picture of different museums, all kinds of art and history. But they are also offered various assignments and explanations and they are taught about their own active contribution to global citizenship in 2021. A wonderful combination that brings the world from far nearer. This gives the student a better understanding of the world around them, how people interact with each other, how they can solve problems and how they give meaning to their existence. This orientation does not stop at national borders..  .

ART goals & results:

An ART Conceptual Framework including Needs Analysis

An ART Basic and Progress Test + ART EU Badge

An ART Online platform + app realization incl. VR learning materials

An ART handbook and ART pilots

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