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Youth Empowered by Skills

YEAR: 2014


PARTNERS: ADICE, Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen, Syntra West, Community Service Volunteers Media Clubhouse, SCALDA, Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work.

MOTIVATION: The first objective of this cluster if to share and promote employability tools that are developed during phase 1 of the 2Seas projects and these will be identified, transferred and mobilized. These tools include: mobility tools (administrative, financial and pedagogical management of mobility programmes), training materials to coach people to get work and also media training to empower people through media skills to learn to present themselves and to search for employers. The objective is thus to combine the different results of the different projects into a tool box that each organization could use to develop the employability and skills of young people with fewer opportunities. 

PURPOSE: The purpose of this cluster is to provide an answer to the needs observed by the partners, such as: 1. Addressing the social exclusion of people with fewer opportunities or from deprived areas; 2. Facilitating soft skills development of young people; 3. Establishing an area of common interest for the development of cross-border exchanges between partners; 4. Empower young people through mobility, media skills and job coaching. The target group are young people between 18 and 30 years old and the cluster will be valorized through a major cross-border event, organized in cooperation with volunteers and interns. The aim is to feed back the projects' results into policy-making by sharing them with deputies and European authorities. This to raise citizens's awareness on opportunities regarding EU programmes and to present the results in terms of social inclusion, by promoting learning by doing and social/soft skills. 


  •  Exchange knowledge about the three different projects in the cluster that are involved, namely iLAEBOR (Pro Work involved), GAPS and VXM;

  •  Organize a dissemination event in France with 200 visitors related to working with youth with fewer opportunities;

  •  Writing a publication about the findings of the Cluster project, in which the exchange and new developments are described.

Download the handbook (available in EN, FR and NL) here or watch the supporting video’s here.

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