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Two Wheels Innovation Network

YEAR: 2013 – 2015



Partners: INNOVAM (NL), CELF (DK), Annick Roetynck (BE), Syntra West (BE), Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work (NL).

MOTIVATION: The E-bike is becoming more and more popular, so an European innovative academy in this field is needed with uniform assessments and learning materials, so this is all the same troughout Europe.

PURPOSE: To establish a practical European Two Wheel Academy for the sector that in cost and time will be efficient and available for wide range of potential users.

RESULTS: The consortium will develop European training for electric bicycle dealers and their mechanics.

  •  In a first phase, the partners will create an assessment tool that will allow any training institute in Europe to assess validation of prior learning of electric bicycles of dealers and their mechanics based on the competence profile developed in the partnership project. This assessment will enable the training institute to detect any gaps in their knowledge and offer tailor-made training to bridge those gaps.

  •  The consortium also intends to set up a certification for the dealers and their mechanics who successfully complete a training. This will allow them to advertise their professional competences in the field of electric bicycles to the consumers. Tweewieleracademy and CELF will develop actual courses on the basis of this profile.

  •  A pilot test will be set up of the developed courses by EKOLO (CZ) and Vilnius (LT) as partners of the previous project.

  •  The partners consider this 2013-TOI project as a step in a very long-term process. The final idea is to create a ‘European Two wheel Academy’ that develops European harmonised training for all the segments in the two wheel business. This should considerably simplify, encourage and speed up the development of two wheel courses in those member states where there is no training available yet, where training is incomplete or needs updating. This will be realized by a general presentation of the courses for all interested stakeholders at a European workshop in Brussels. This is a first step in the development of more courses, to be distributed, updated and further developed by the European Two wheel Academy. 

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