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Entrepreneurship, Employability and Enterprising in a digital and gaming environmente

YEAR: 2017 - 2020



MOTIVATION: The Triple E-dge consortium is working on the following: more entrepreneurial and digital skills for learners, companies and teachers and a better relationship with companies in VET environments. The partnership aims to create VET environments in which key competences such as entrepreneurship, including critical ability, independent decision making, problem solving and creativity, as well as digital literacy are present everywhere - where learners are challenged to reflect on their own performances and meet digital challenges within the classroom and beyond to prepare them better for future chances and opportunities in the work place. This is done by bringing awareness by demonstrating the relevance in the workplace of several carefully selected skills, boosting acquisition of those skills providing a selection of content and target group-oriented and digital instruments (games), formally and officially validate the acquisition of skills by the labour market and educational actors and certifying the validated skills by a badges system.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the project is to make a better connection between the labour market, education and student and to increase the ability of the students with regard to entrepreneurial thinking. Therefor the project aims to select 4 very qualitative skills clusters - so-called Triple E-skills that all relate strongly to entrepreneurship, employability and enterprises - skills that are relevant to the latter, that are determined and co-defined by companies and sector federations in 4 chosen sectors. The partners will capitalize on existing and create brand-new hands-on digital tools: demonstrative videos, learning objects that support the skill acquisition in 4 areas and mini games that enhance skills acquisition - all these will be open source and thus open to use and complete for other stakeholders. In addition, innovative elements such as virtual or augmented reality will be considered for use where relevant. Also, the open badges system installed by Mozilla and Be Badges (Selor) plays an important role as in innovative aspects in the project.



The tangible results of the Triple E-dge project are listed below;

  • Demonstration package: As it is the labour market, companies who indicate a lack of entrepreneurial spirit and skills in young recruits, we will invite these companies to actively engage with the partners to demonstrate learners the importance and relevance of a selected set of skills in the work place.

  • Triple E knowledge bits: Compiled sets of competences enhancing contents + descriptions on a project database/platform.

  • Mini games for Triple E skills development: A framework/basic structure to make digital skills-enhancing games (serious games), 4 digital mini games based on the Triple E-skills, including AR elements to trigger attention.

  • Training packages: manual, videos, advisory report for trainers (school & company)

and an e-learning module for learners (and employees).

  • Badges system certification: A badge digital image that contains detailed information and proves the existence of a competency or skill set by an organization or institution.


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