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YEAR: 2012-2014


PARTNERS: Scalda, NCFC Study Centre, CST, Arteveldehogeschool, Empower, Stichting Welzijnshuis, De Centrale Intercultureel Centrum, Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK.

MOTIVATION: The number of students in Europe that risk to leave school early increases annually. The question is, how are we dealing with this issue on political and structural level? How are we dealing with this issue on educational level? How do we keep motivated professionals in these times of economic crisis? And how are we going to end early school leaving?

PURPOSE: The prevention of early school leaving among young people through the communication with each other, with parents, educators and professionals (school/church/care), and make them feel more confident and develop their talents.



  •  Reducing the number of early school leavers;

  •  Developing Study Support methods;

  •  Professional exchange of cooperation;

  •  The establishment of student exchange programs;

  •  The development of standard evaluation methods;

  •  Writing and publication of international reports;

  •  International Study Support conferences.

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