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YEAR: 2004 – 2006


PARTNERSCedris, Kenteq (Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK), Ekabo, Kenniscentrum EVC, LOVO, CWI,

MOTIVATION: Increase the sustainable outflow of the regular labor market mainly for the participants in the lower bound of society.

PURPOSE: Rural development and implementation of a comprehensive reintegration structure and a method in which a wide audience gets a structural and sustainable reintegration into the regular labor market.


  •  Digitally Re-Integration Platform in the Netherlands (and EU Transnational cooperation partners) / digital design of an overall reintegration concept (database oriented);

  •  Digital, integrated analysis and diagnostic tools, based on: Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) and professional competencies, assessment, treatment assignment;

  •  Digital integrated PDP (Personal Development Plan) instruments, in relation to development opportunities for educational and professional versatile competencies;

  •  New instrument for VPL, suitable for groups without qualification and for all job groups within a the sheltered workshop sector;

  •  Electronic learning material databank;

  •  Guidelines for deploying elderly policy; formulation a structural and durable elderly policy within sheltered workshops, aimed of a sustainable outflow to the regular labor market;

  •  4 companies certified with the guidelines of Investors in People (IiP)

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