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YEAR: 2006 – 2008


PARTNERS: Syntra West, ANPEB/LVMEB, FEDELEC, NELECTRA, National Installation Union, Tempo Training & Consulting, Electro Technologiezentrum, Electrotimis, High school, MEHMET RU, Shrewsbury College UK, Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK.

MOTIVATION: Across Europe, the Electrical Installation industry encountered problems of having up-to-date technical knowledge. First and foremost the influx of technical vocational training in the labor market remains limited continuously. As a result, many workers in the sector have no degree in electricity and with that they have no solid technical background. Moreover, low-skilled people who are not trained as an electrician be promoted, because the employer can not find suitable candidates for technicians with a higher degree. These people face a lot of problems in the course of their work: first, they do not have the necessary technical knowledge and secondly they have no entrepreneurial skills. And the sector is also characterized by rapid evolution. Since there are more and more computer and telecommunications technologies integrated into the activities of the sector, the electricians should also be more and more sophisticated in understanding these technologies.

PURPOSE: The goal of this project is to boost the professionalism and competence of the Electro installers and raise it. For this purpose, a European Competency Profile is developed in this sector, including technical and behavioural competencies.


  •  An ICT assessment instrument in the field of Electro techniques for individual evaluations of employees in this sector;

  •  Optimizing the welcome policy for companies in this sector;

  •  Establish a European Competency Profile for this sector;

  •  Develop a competency-based training program for workers in this sector focused on safety, the environment and behaviour. 

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