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Sharing heat Pump, Airconditioning

and Refrigeration Knowledge

YEAR: 2010 – 2012


PARTNERS: STEK, PETROC, IKKE, MKT, Syntra West, Danfoss, Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK.

MOTIVATION: In the recent past and near future in the heat pump technology, refrigeration and air conditioning sector there will be changes in the field of environmental regulations at national and European level. This can be in the market (new energy, technology or other technical developments, innovations, changes in laws and regulations, energy labels etc.) and because of these changes, it is necessary that in the field of education and training adaptations will take place to maintain compliance with European standards.

PURPOSE: The project aim is to transfer innovation in knowledge between the VET (Vocational Educational Training) institutes and the VET related organizations and professional organizations by looking at the EQF (European Qualifications Framework) and European legislation regarding the sector of heat pump, refrigeration and air conditioning technology and adaptation of competency profiles, training materials , methods and approaches to these structure and legislation.


  •  Identification, analizing and reporting on the use of intelligent energy in the heat pump, refrigeration and air conditioning sector;

  •  Adjustment and / or improvement of training, education, testing and training materials and competency profiles for example the EN13313 standard and the use of F-gases and the implementation of energy labels;

  •  Pilots and testing in VET centres in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom;

  •  Practical ICT solutions, such as digital training, education, testing and coach equipment, a digital platform for knowledge, communication and experience exchange;

  •  An easy to use ICT tool for transparency and comparability to promote it at European level.

  •  Active promotion of intelligent energy through use of industrial and educational networks through publication in relevant media, newsletters, a project website and visiting relevant meetings and conferences.

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