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YEAR: 2014 - 2017


PARTNERS: Skills Netherlands (NL), Salo+Partner Berufliche Bildung GmbH (GE), Associazione Nazionale Famiglie degli Emigrati (IT), Natsionalen Ucheben Tsentar (BG), Andragoski zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje (SL), Euroface Consulting s.r.o. (CZ) and Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work (NL).

MOTIVATION: The consortium will develop skills competitions for people with a disability to;

  •  Increase socioeconomic participation of disabled employees in a structured and sustainable way;

  •  Improve lifelong learning possibilities for people with a labour disability;

  •  Improve the image and stereotypes of disabled employees. Proof that they are reliable and valuable members of the workforce not only for the sheltered, but also for the open labour market;

  •  Decrease the reluctance of regular organizations to employ people with a labour handicap in their processes, decrease or even close the gap between people with a disability and the labour market;

  •  Improve the basic and vocational skills of disabled employees;

  •  Improve the information and communication links between the open labour market and the disabled people;

  •  Further development of the P-Scales (UK-accredited assessment and certification of people with SEN) certification system;

  •  Increasing formal certification (ECVET) for people with a disability referenced to the European Qualifications Framework;

  •  Create a format for skills competitions as a base for recurring competitions;

  •  Create role models for people with a labour handicap.


PURPOSE: Transfer the already existing ideas for International skills competitions for people without disabilities towards people who have some sort of (mental or physical) disability.


  •  Organizing 6 national try-outs and 1 European PSC (expected visitors: 100);

  •  Create a base for (bi-annual) recurring Para Skills Competitions, with (SW) employees (with a labor disability) from 6 different countries;

  •  6-12 SW companies will join the Para Skills competition;

  •  Appr. 80 candidates (SW employees) with 4-6 different job types will be prepared and compete during the try-outs and 40 candidates will compete during the international Para Skills Competition;

  •  All 80 candidates of the PSC's (national and international) will be assessed and will be certified (P-scales);

  •  At least 20 assessors in different countries are trained (train-the-trainer) on the P-SCALES method and certification;

  •  At least 30 trainers/coaches are involved in workshops (exchange and transfer of knowledge);

  •  At least 15 employers are involved in the project;

  •  A workshop at all partner countries (total expected visitors: 20 per country), 1 webinar, creating a website, brochures, 6-monthly newsletters, and uses Facebook, Twitter, and other media like television to disseminate the results;

  • Disseminate the results of the project to 20 countries and different target groups (SW companies, employers, policy makers etc.).

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On the 17th of January 2017, the SKILLS+ National Competitions in the categories green jobs and hospitality (incl. catering) took place in Burgh-Haamstede. Upon arrival, the participants, buddies and judges were treated to a nice lunch after which everyone had some time to calm their nerves and get acquainted with their workplaces.

It was a neck and neck race for both categories as all teams performed at such a high level and were able to showcase their talents in front of family members, job coaches, the alderman of the local city council and other visitors of the event attended by over 50 people.

Judges had a hard time deciding who won as the scores were quite close, but of course there are always teams that performed slightly better.

The proud winner of the category hospitality (incl. catering) was Spelderholt Academie while the winner of the category green jobs was de Zuidhoek.

The event was covered by written press, radio and online tv (please find the links below plus attachments).

By winning the national competitions they have qualified to compete in the European Competitions, which will be held on the 16th of March 2017 in the RAI in Amsterdam.




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