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Onderwijs Netwerk Ondernemen (Self-employed Education Network)


YEAR: 2010 – 2012


PARTNERS: Scalda, Archipel Scholen, ROC Westerschelde, Reynaert College, Zwin College, Edu Delta Goes, Nehalennia, NV Economische Impuls, Rabobanken Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Junior Kamer Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Gemeente Hulst, Ondernemersvereniging Hulst, Kamer van Koophandel Zeeland, Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK.

MOTIVATION: There was chosen for renewing a part of existing networks (such as the cooperation between the VET institutes and The Institute for Employee Insurance) and expansion of these networks with the creation of new networks. There was a need for intensification, professionalization and formalization of cooperation between VET’s, Institute for Employee Insurance, the Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneurs and Stichting PRO WORK. To achieve this there could be made ​​use of knowledge, materials and infrastructure of the Young Entrepreneurs Foundation (JO). JO not participated as a partner in the project, but had agreed to perform as a support organization.

PURPOSE: Stimulating, implementing and structural embedding entrepreneurship in vocational education with a focus on consistency and the chances and opportunities of VET part-time education, combining professional development, entrepreneurship and practical experience for adults and profiling from the Institute for Employee Insurance (the central meeting place for adults, business and education).


  •  Redevelopment / development of part-time training in various sectors by integrating the JO methodology, professional training and experience;

  •  Training of teachers;

  •  Promotion offers of recruitment for participants by the Institute for Employee Insurance;

  •  Structural cooperation of VET’s, entrepreneurs, Institute for Employee Insurance (regional) and the Chamber of Commerce (regional) to design, content and tuning the range of part-time VET training.  

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