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(Medical Technician)

YEAR: 2005 – 2007


PARTNERS: ROC ALFA College, SVGB, WZTOA, AKZ Groningen, Kenteq (Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK).

MOTIVATION: In the healthcare sector, the need of suitably qualified medical technicians for maintenance of medical technical systems, electronics, instrument knowledge to combine with care needs to increase. There has been no prior training, that meets the demand for these kind of specialists.

PURPOSE: Innovating the training 'Maintenance Technician Instrumentation' by adding new specialist training elements in an ICT-oriented learning environment which creates a better connection between the vocational and theoretical development.



  •  Perform operations within healthcare institutions more cost-effective;

  •  Strengthening of the connection between theory and practical training;

  •  Use 'Validation of Prior Learning' and portfolio methods serving individual competency-based development;

  •  The further development of the concept ‘problem-based learning’ (PBL);

  •  The further defining professional competences and occupations (in the field of the Medical Technician);

  •  The use of innovative teaching methods;

  •  Making a pilot widely available for the new (sub) qualifications and teaching materials for education;

  •  Training for existing staff within healthcare institutions (increase employability);

  •  Meet the demand of healthcare facilities, namely a wider employment of the present inadequately trained qualified technical personnel;

  •  Meet the demand of students for an attractive training. 

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