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My Business, Mijn Zorg (my concern)


YEAR:  2010 – 2012




PARTNERS: ROC Albeda College, Zadkine College, Laurens, Care4Care, Kamer van Koophandel Rotterdam, Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK.


MOTIVATION: The project responded to the current demand from the care in the region: in the short/medium term, in the Rijnmond region and surroundings a huge shortage of flexible care takers/helper at MBO (VET) level 3 and 4 will occur. This expectation was supported by research of Calibris, knowledge centre for learning and practice in health care. There was a need for growth of flexible staff, which (with the current influx in vocational training and labor) could not be met. The demand for care came from Laurens Zorg & Wonen (Care & Living), one of the largest healthcare facilities in the Rijnmond region and this claim was recognized by several other institutions. To meet the future demand for care Laurens discovered good opportunities for the use of Independent Entrepreneurs (self-employed) in the care sector and the embedding of this in the existing structures.


PURPOSE: Within the project there were three objectives:

1) Experimental set-up of a self-employed care training (level 3-4) within the two largest regional VET’s in the Rijnmond area and anchoring them in both the educational institutes and the professional care companies.

2) The design and implementation of structural cooperation between educational institutions, health care institutions and entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector in the Rijnmond region for the benefit of knowledge exchange, knowledge building and knowledge implementation.

3) The structural and active involvement of entrepreneurs (self-employed) in the care sector in the Rijnmond region for shaping this new way of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education.


RESULTS: Self-employed without employees Package: aimed at actively promoting entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning, thinking and implementation for new freelancers in the care sector through theoretical and practical modules.

Development of staff / teachers & students;

Coaching: Focusing on active support of teachers / coaches serving pupil entrepreneurship education;

Practical Training / Internship: students practical experiences, direct contact with teachers and coaches for the practice adaption of the pupil;

Awareness / Dissemination: through workshops / role play sessions for teachers and business management;

Portal: E-community for knowledge and information exchange for students, teachers, entrepreneurs & Healthcare stakeholders.

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