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(Inspecting & advice)

YEAR: 2006 – 2008


PARTNERS: ROC Friese Poort, CJ Techniek, UNETO VNI, ROC Twente, OTIB, CVPO, Kenteq (Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK).

MOTIVATION: For years there was only a General Periodic Inspector for the automotive industry, where vehicles are tested based on safety and environmental requirements. Since this did not exist for homes, there was a chance for the General Periodic Inspection in the field of housing. Especially since there appeared to be a gap between current knowledge in business and vocational training in the field of basic building-related files. Therefore it was necessary especially in the field of security, but also in terms of sustainable to develop a so-called “General Periodic Inspecition for homes”, where participants carry out projects, inspections and advice in the area of education.  Thus, housing will be safer and more sustainable. 

PURPOSE: Create a knowledge exchange concerning assessments for technical conditions of building systems and energy performance from plant engineering companies and vocational educational institutes. And through this project, an innovative training package (including partial qualifications) is designed within the free space of the Installation Qualification and / or Electrical sector within VET institutions.


 The development of an innovative training package (partial qualification) in the free space of the Installation Qualification and / or Electrical within VET institutes;

  •  Make an attractive and accessible possibility for partial qualifications by using ICT tools;

  •  Prevent a shortage of qualified General Periodic Inspectors and 'EPA-U-advisers';

  •  Implementing the new partial qualification in the training program of the 7 participating VET institutes;

  •  Dissemination by the consortium partners of the new partial qualification and project results;

  •  For buildings and 'EPA-U-advisor' exchange, as development in the field of building services (innovation) • Creating a platform for educational institutions, businesses and students about the information of partial qualification and exchange information in the fields of General Periodic Inspector and possible changing laws and regulations. 

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