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Integral Mobilisation Process

Applicable Competences Techniques

YEAR: 2002 – 2004


PARTNERS: NOSW, COA, GGZ Nederland, LOB Aequor, LOB Ecabo, LOB OVDB, LOB SON (Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK)

MOTIVATION: The reintegration of workers could use a lot of professionalism to make reintegration easier and of course reduce the number of unemployed people.

PURPOSE: National implementation of a new reintegration methodology whereby the recognition/qualification of the industry with their development, adapting of work to the market and therefor the development of the environment are central topics


  •  Innovation of reintegration instruments by developing new methods and standards for the recognition and development of competences at sector level;

  •  Innovation / development of support tools for the re-integration of new and discriminated groups in sheltered workshops;

  •  Research and testing of new methods and tools in regional pilot projects after a nationwide network implementation and when reinforcement takes place;

  •  For each activity there are measurable and tangible results.

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