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In My Father's Shoes

YEAR: 2010 – 2013


PARTNERS: Syntra West, PETROC, CST, Empower, Scalda, Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK.

MOTIVATION: In Flanders, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, there is a large group of people who have so-called 'multiple problems' and have little or no connection to the labor market. In conducting these 'disadvantaged groups' into the labor market there are basically three parties involved: the person in the first place, the educational institutions and the business or labor in general. For the target group it appears, that in the partner countries there often is a lack of matching and cooperation between education, labor market and the individual. When these three actors know each other better they can efficiently and effectively work together to significantly improve the situation of people from these disadvantaged target groups.

PURPOSE: Promoting an innovative way of connection between labor and (vocational) education for persons who, because of "multiple problems" have a structural distance to the labor market.



  •  Analyzing and matching the needs of the labor market, linked to the profile of the job seekers from the target group;

  •  Achieving an alignment between (vocational) education and business;

  •  Inventory and analysis of available tools for assessment, learning and mentoring / coaching for both the target audience, the businesses and (vocational) education institutes;

  •  The creation of cooperation and information structures between (vocational) education and businesses, including an ICT platform for knowledge and experience exchange about diversity management, coaching, success and failure and funding possibilities;

  •  Innovative assessment instruments for the matching of supply and demand (Previously earned skills, Personal Development Plan, Individual Development Plan);

  •  Practice and competency-based (ICT) learning and teaching materials for professional, learning and community skills on behalf of matching those skills;

  •  Provide innovative development tools and offering online support via a digital platform / tool;

  •  The use and application of developed innovative instruments in a pilot project with 90 people from the target group;

  •  Actively guidance of 90 people from the target group into the labor market in concrete projects within the project period.

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