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YEAR: 2019 - 2022



Partners: University of Malaga (ES), Artevelde Highschool (BE), Centre for advancement of research and development in educational technology LTD (CY), Future in perspective LTD (IR), Jaitek Tecnology (ES), Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work (NL)


The IMAS project (Improving MAthematical performance in Schools) is based on the researched, tested technologies and pedagogical models of previous successful EU co-funded projects (such as MAPLE and Science4Fun) and on modern business development models for sustainable Open Educational Resources (OER) on long-term on nationally and internationally accredited qualifications in mathematics at levels 1, 2 and 3 of the European qualifications framework.

IMAS objectives are:

Provide teachers with a statistical datatool for automating students' progress measurements of mathematics, reducing the time spent on administration and transferring empirical test data to education.To increase levels of digital literacy in schools by making students self-sufficient in their use of technology and making them less dependent on formal retraining whenever there is a change in the technological ecosystem. Develop a strategy to support Open education resources, including free service, based on a sustainable business model that sustains itself. Gather empirical evidence of what children know and can do in mathematics to provide feedback and develop the curriculum based on direct evidence. To provide a learning tool with best practices in mathematical education, including work schedules, lesson plans and other tools. The project partners are from ES, NL, BE, CY, IE. They mainly represent institutes and two universities. They have a wealth of technical and pedagogical expertise and share a common enthusiasm for practical methods to reduce costs and improve efficiency through the use of free software, OERs and free services supported by a contemporary "freemium" business model.


More info soon!

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