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Getting European Business OnLine

YEAR: 2011 – 2013


PARTNERS: Euroface Consulting s.r.o., PrimMat, The Learning Machine Ltd, Opensaar e.V., CERV, NTC, AGIFODENT, Stichting en Kennicentrum PRO WORK.

MOTIVATION: GEBOL is an acronym for "Get European Business Online'. The project finds its origin in the use of Google sites by the United Kingdom with the title, "Getting British Business Online" and the National ITQ qualification - the UK from the "Sector Skills Council reference" as the EQF (European Qualification Framework). This involves promoting the establishment and maintenance of businesses websites. There was in fact a growing number of graduate students, which couldn’t find a job and thus there was a demand for relevant activities. It was also found, that there were many (small) companies without good websites, so these two components are central in the GEBOL project.

PURPOSE: First increase the number of companies in the partner countries where websites are created and maintained. Second, to promote qualifications for students who support the companies to build these websites.


  •  Increase the number of companies in the partner countries, which have their own website and make sure that they can set up and manage it;

  •  To increase the promotion of the establishment and maintenance of business websites and the qualifications for it;

  •  To make it possible for students to learn in the context of the 'real' world;

  •  For students to be awarded through this project with meaningful activities;

  •  An online guide for using free internet resources.

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