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European Partners for Energy Performance

YEAR: 2012 – 2014


PARTNERS: IKKE, Syntra West, PETROC, HCMB, Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK

MOTIVATION: In the partner countries it is important to develop up-to-date professional competency profiles, training materials and methodology for learning new innovative skills to inspect, maintain and certify installations, because this is only partially available. Although there is a great need for highly qualified personnel in order to carry out these inspections, it is therefore necessary to develop and provide these methods. This personnel must be trained and certified throughout Europe including the partner countries.

PURPOSE: The transfer of knowledge and innovation between VET institutes and VET related organizations regarding inspection and certification of personnel for systems with more than 12 Kw and thus optimize their skills profiles and ensuring up-to-date training materials in the electric sector for installation and maintenance.



  •  To improve the transparency and recognition of competences in these sectors within Europe;

  •  Standardizing the key criteria in order to make a good certification method in Europe for this sector;

  •  Ensure the increasement of a number of skilled workers across Europe in this sector;

  •  To promote a more sustainable oriented way of working in this sector in Europe;

  •  Dissemination and implementation of project results in the electrical, installation and maintenance sector on a European base;

  •  Sustainable transfer of project results through an interactive web portal.

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