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European Metal Union vocational PASSport

YEAR: 2004 – 2006


PARTNERS: Kenteq, Royal Metal, ROC Twente Plus, ROC Friese Poort Education & Training, Noorderpoortcollege, CJ Engineering, ROC OZL Contracting (Arcus College).

MOTIVATION: The motivation of this project consists of the following components; Increasing youth unemployment; Groups of young people without basic qualifications; Technical courses which have a very high level of dropouts; Connecting pathways is insufficient (no comprehensive programmatic approach); Level restrictions to train (possible drop-out) youth only practical, but not an attractive technical education.

PURPOSE: To develop an integrated approach for 250 young people who are at risk in the metal sector. And create innovative ways to achieve their qualification.


  •  Continuous practice learning between VET institutes;

  •  Target group training (wherever possible) in practice and keys on existing competencies (curative);

  •  New professional competence profiles on qualification level in the metal sector;

  •  New programmatic offerings for youth at risk;

  •  Innovative learning in companies;

  •  Older people who are trained as mentors;

  •  Practical assignments which competencies can be established;

  •  Capture competencies via the EMU pass (professional passport);

  •  Develop ICT knowledge via Knowledge Centre Kenteq;

  •  Not only use accredited training companies as learning environment;

  •  Cooperation between the organizations and the VET institutes.

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