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E-Learning in vocational training for students having diFficulties in inclusive education

YEAR: 2013 – 2015


PARTNERS: DC Center Dariusz Cegliński, Jaitek Tecnología y Formación, Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work.

MOTIVATION: A lack of possibilities for students who are having learning difficulties and students with special needs and option to get inclusive education.


PURPOSE: The students having inclusive education, as general education policy need to share the same classroom environment with other students and the same education curriculum but they learn slower compared to their peers. These students must be supported specially to learn the same information in the same classes, labs or workshops. Nowadays e-learning materials in education are used extensively. When we take into consideration of their learning speed, it is necessary to use e-learning materials for them too. In this project we want to bring out and share the good examples of e-learning objects used in different schools and countries among the partner organisations. By exploiting there good examples, we will produce 16 new e-learning objects, 10 materials for vocational lessons and 6 materials for general lessons. These objects will be exercises which can be changed according to person or subject.


  •  Initial questionnaire and SWOT analysis

  •  Students follow-up system

  •  Collecting “good examples”

  •  Developing “e-learning patterns” and e-learning platforms

  •  Put developed materials into practice

  •  Publication website

  •  Present “good examples” for Dissemination

  •  Publication with the project results (online brochure) for Dissemination.

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