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DEvelopment CEntre for  MAnagerial competences

YEAR: 2010 – 2012


PARTNERS: Kadis Ltd, FH Joanneum, Zdravilisce Radenci, Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK.

MOTIVATION: Companies had little awareness of the importance of the development of various skills of their workers and were not familiar with the quality tools and methods to assess their employees and so they are not aware of the potential of their employees (and training needs!). Certainly the managers within organizations, particularly within SME's were very less trained in the field of so-called 'soft skills', but their performance (in that area) are very important for the achievements of an organization. The market had, to show these skills, not the correct key method. Better recognition of the needs of the labor market was also necessary to develop and met the quality, efficiency and value-for-money, that companies needed. This should lead to a general alignment of organizations, programs and experts to ensure the best quality for the development of competencies and improve them.

PURPOSE: The main goal was to make various materials recognizable, adapt and upgrade them to develop an innovative and quality-oriented method for leadership skills. This method had to be formed, tested, evaluated, improved and more visible in practice, particularly for SME's. To improve in this way not only the awareness, effectiveness and availability of individual competencies but also to improve the accessibility and attractiveness of education and thus contribute to improving the competitiveness of SME's.



  •  Achieve transfer for existing tools for assessing procedures and training;

  •  Adapting and developing all kinds of 'management' skills so that they meet the needs of specific companies and markets;

  •  Implementing and creating bespoke training for its correction by means of various individual competencies;

  •  Thoroughly evaluate the effects.

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