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YEAR: 2019 - 2022



Euroface Consulting s.r.o. (CZ), Fundacion Siglo22 (ES), JKVG (BE), Consortio Social Lab (IT),

Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work (NL).


The number of people with an occupational disability, who are working, is gradually increasing. The TENDER project anticipates for more opportunities for people with an occupational disability on the labour market. It offers a solution for the increasing shortages in various sectors (including education and care).

Intermediaries need better matching options on the basis of more specific parameters. Parameters that deal better with the potential and possibilities of people with an occupational disability



• The workable parameters needed to achieve a match. In contrast to the already existing parameters such as hard & soft skills, experience and transversal skills, these parameters are mainly based on environmental flexibility (to what extent you can function in a specific environment);

• Have insight in the way how the question should be formulated, that leads to the employment of a job seeker with a work disability. Not all jobs are directly suitable for the job-seeker with an occupational disability. Sometimes part-time work is better or the requirements imposed on the competences and environmental flexibility are not appropriate.


The project has an impact on jobseekers with a work disability, companies and organizations with vacancies and. The project also has an impact on the system of matching supply and demand in the labour market as a whole and thus a mindset change. In addition, vacancies are filled by people who still have a distance to the labour market.


The TENDER project promotes the individual match between regular vacancies and job seekers with a disability via Intermediaries. The priorities are inclusion and professionalization for that specific target group. The project delivers:

1) A web application to make the target group visible with a person profile.

2) A method by which intermediaries support employers in drawing up a vacancy profile that matches the target group.

3) Such a layout of the web application that intermediaries can match between a vacancy profile and a person profile.

Based on 6 participating countries in which each country reaches 15 intermediaries with the masterclass program: we aim to ensure that each involved intermediary makes 5 successful matches through the use of the instruments. The aim is thus to get a total of 450 people at a distance from the labour market in the countries in question through the instruments.

Meer Info soon!

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