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YEAR: 2020 - 2022



Partners: Co.Meta S.r.l (IT), The Pedagogical University of Krakow (PL), Spanish Chamber of Commerce) from 5 different countries (Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Spain), Foundation Knowledge Center Pro Work (NL)


MOB4APP project aims at enhancing the professional development of VET professionals in order to improve the quality of the actual work-based learning provision focusing on apprenticeship experiences abroad. The project will provide VET teachers and trainers with specific knowledge, skills and competences necessary to promote, guide, assist, facilitate and assess effective apprenticeship experiences abroad. The trained VET Professionals will be able to design, develop and deliver quality transnational learning arrangements, recognising and overcoming some of the most common problems associated with practical implementation of apprenticeship mobility in Europe. 

The MOB4APP project aims at strengthening the role of VET professionals as link between final beneficiaries (VET trainees and companies) and cross-country apprenticeship mobility by developing a training path and supporting materials for VET professionals. 

The project will address VET teachers and trainers as primary target group while apprentices and companies are considered as final beneficiaries.  

Most official EC documents and recommendations confirm the existence of a mismatch between the benefits of cross-country mobility in apprenticeship and the quality of the professional competences needed to implement this practice in an effective way (Teachers and trainers in work-based learning/apprenticeships EC 2017). 

Objective: The MOB4APP is seeking to generate particular impact for VET Professionals (primary target group), VET students/trainees and companies (final beneficiaries) through the creation of original materials, activities and training modules to support, manage and implement the mobility of apprentices in Europe.

MOB4APP objectives are:

An impact on end users to combine the training of trainers in the implementation and management of mobility of apprentices in Europe, with activities to raise the consciousness of companies and Policy Makers on the potential of these cross country mobility in terms of acquisition of competences, employability, competitiveness and innovation. 

A strategy that is focused on the provision of innovative pedagogic approaches, tools and materials, producing resources which can be very easily incorporated within existing training practices



MOB4APP Training Course for VET Professionals. The Output consists in a 32-hours modularised training programme to promote VET professionals’ (including public authorities) proficiency in implementing, managing and supporting long-term mobility for apprentices. The training programme will be created following ECVET, EQF and EQAVET standards, with a clear description of the Learning Outcomes to be achieved (described in terms of Knowledge, skills and competences). The training programme is dedicated to VET professionals working in VET centres, Trade Unions, Association of Companies, Placement Agencies and Public Administrations interested in improving their competences in this field. 

 -MOB4APP Toolkit for apprenticeships and companies. The Output will provide key information, guidance and practical tools useful to support SMEs and apprentices in applying and managing long-term mobility. These resources will be available through the online platform and will provide different contents based on two different target groups: Companies ( in particular SMEs), Apprentices or VET students  

-MOB4APP MOOC. The output consists in web-based training modules for a 32-hours training course for VET professionals involved in managing and supporting apprenticeship experiences abroad. The main aim of this Output is to provide interactive materials and made the Training Course more accessible and sustainable. The MOOC will be delivered through an online platform and will be optimised also for mobile devices. It will be create following the, EC recommendations, to be open in the following ways: free of charge, openly licensed, with open entry (no need for previous studies or to show diplomas/certificates) (EC, Opening up Education,2016). 

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