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YEAR: 2018 - 2020



Consorzio Social Lab Società Cooperativa Sociale (IT), EYROPAIKO INSTITOYTO TOPIKHS ANAPTYKSHS (GR), G.G. EUROSUCCESS CONSULTING LIMITED (CY), FUNDACION DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA DEL PACTO PARA EL EMPLEO EN LA CIUDAD DE VALENCIA (ES), Stichting kennis centrum Pro Work (NL), Adiyaman Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (TR), Associazione Novissi Onlus (IT).


The migration crises that ran over Europe didn’t found the national systems ready to accept migrants and refugees, integrate them efficiently within the society as well as in the labour market. The lack of focused support and training is having severe consequences: migrants remain excluded from the social and labour aspects of the local society, local people and actors are not into direct contact and relationship/collaboration with them.


The purpose of this project is that we:

  • Focus on preventing and combating xenophobia and anti-migrant hatred, through activities creating better understanding between communities, including interreligious and intercultural activities, and focusing on: i) capacity building of educators and professionals, ii) building in-community coalitions.

  • Creating conditions and tools, in addition to structural elements such as home, schools, work and training, take into account cultural and religious variables.



  • Extending and developing educators competences (trainers and educators, civil society and other relevant actors) to answer to hate crime and hate speech and interact with immigrants/refugees and citizens of hosting countries

  •  Creating conditions and tools for a better understanding between communities, including inter religious and intercultural activities.

  • Implementing awareness raising initiatives addressed to the general public and to targeted groups and communities, to answer racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance, and to vulnerable groups and communities empowered against demonstration.

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