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(Traditional Entrepreneurship)

YEAR: 2007 - 2009


PARTNERS: ROC Albeda College, Ecabo, Young Enterprise, Kenteq, King Willem I College, SVGB knowledge and training, Interconnect.

MOTIVATION: The engine of the European economy is formed by the approximately 23 million small and medium sized companies representing 99% of all businesses. Stimulating entrepreneurship therefore means boosting the engine of the economy and employment. However, the distance between professionals and entrepreneurs was too big. Moreover, there was a big gap between businesses and education (VET) concerning entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial attitude. A consortium of businesses, knowledge centres, educational institutes and expert partners therefore started the development of an innovative project, about entrepreneurship from a VET perspective. The project focused on the creative and traditional sector, a sector with great potential for start-ups and growing employment. However, the results were broadly transferable to a wide range of occupations and industries.

PURPOSE: The innovation of vocational education at vocational level (1-4) by the integral development of entrepreneurship within existing vocational education (Vocational training and Apprenticeship).


  •  Stimulate the career prospects and the development of entrepreneurial skills;

  •  Provide a sectoral recognizable course for entrepreneurs / self-employed, both for Vocational training and Apprenticeship;

  •  Through ''blended learning'' (integration of theory and practice through lectures and individual e-learning);

  •  Take care of courses and e-learning innovation;

  •  Create a lasting cooperation between business, experts, education- and knowledge institutions;

  •  Conducting two regional pilot projects with a total of at least 60 participants;

  •  Spreading results nationwide.

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